Scholarship Application:
Students are at liberty to apply for scholarships into the master’s program in Chinese philosophy. You can make your scholarship application directly after completing your online master’s program application.
The available scholarships include Chinese Government Scholarship (Type A and Type B), Confucius China Studies Program, Beijing Government Scholarship, BNU New International Student Scholarship, Beijing Normal University "Silk Road Muduo” Scholarship, etc.We highly recommend you to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, because it will provide the maximum support for your study in China. Before you apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, please consult the education section of the local embassy of P. R. China first.
Please note that in most cases scholarship applications are due before the program application deadline. Therefore, please plan ahead of time and put in a befitting application right on time. Please refer to: and for detailed information.
1.Scholarship Coverage
  ① Tuition
  ② Accommodation fees on campus
  ③ Monthly living allowance (CNY 2500 for Bachelor’s Degree Students, CNY3000 for Master’s Degree Students.)
  ④ Insurance for foreign students studying in China
2.Documents Required
  ① Transcript
  ② Bachelor certification
  ③ Two recommendation letters from Full or Associate Professors
  ④ Study plan (to be written by the applicant)
  ⑤ Physical foreigner examination form{medical examination (there is a specific form to be completed by a medicalpractitioner of the hospital, the examination was conducted based on the results of the examination and stamped with the hospital’s stamp)}
3.Scholarship Application Procedure
Step1: Create an Account
1)Make a visit to the scholarship website, proceed to “Scholarship Application for Students”
2)Create an account using the “creating an account” tab painted brick red above and fill in your credentials as required. We don’t advise you to use Gmail in creating the account cause using Gmail wouldn’t grant you the access to receive the automatic activation link which will be sent to your email. Yahoo works. Or you can create a Chinese email——“网易” (Wanyi) Email.
3)Login to your email and activate your account.
Step2: Fill in Your Information
1)Enter your login information and click on “sign in and apply”, read the instructions at home page carefully.
2)Click on application online to display the online form; select type C; enter the agency number of the university (Agency No.: 10027); fill in the information step by step.
3)After successfully completing your application, remember to submit your application by clicking on the “submit application” tab at the top of the form.
4)Save the soft copy of the completed form and subsequently print out the hard copy.
Step3: Post the Application Documents
1)Two sets of applications are expected from the applicant:
① Scholarship application
② University admission application
2)After a successful completion of your application, put in order copies of all documents (hard copies) and post to the university as it is the receiving body for the processing of your application.
3)The address provided below:
International Student Office, Beijing Normal University
Room 9910 Jingshi Building
#19 Xinjiekouwai Str. Haidian District, Beijing
Tel. 86-10-58800307
Fax: 86-10-58800823
Please make separate application (one for your choice of school & one for the scholarship).
1)When applying for the university admission application, don’t forget to select Chinese government scholarship as your source of funding when asked at the beginning of your application.
2)Regularly check your permanent email used in the form during the application to see if a decision has been made regarding your application.