Course Details and Assessment
  • During the first three semesters, students must complete 32 credits of course-work, including the required eight core courses (3 credits each) in addition to electives. With the permission of the program director, students may also take courses offered by other departments at BNU to be counted as elective course credits.
  • By the end of the fourth semester, students are required to submit a master’s thesis. This requirement offers students the opportunity to conduct independent research in a field of Chinese philosophy of their own interest, and it intends to cap the academic experience of studying Chinese philosophy in China.
Type Course Name
Intro Chinese History and Culture
Core History of Chinese Philosophy I: Pre-Qin to Tang
Core History of Chinese Philosophy II: Song to 20th Century
Core Methodological Issues in the Study of Chinese Philosophy
Core Advanced Studies in Confucianism
Core Seminar of Issues in Chinese Religious Studies
Core Advanced Course of Chinese Philosophy and Culture
Core Advanced Seminar in Studies of Chinese Philosophical Thought
Core Instruction to MA Thesis
Elective Seminar of Special Topics on Chinese Philosophy
Elective Selected Topics in Confucian philosophy
Elective Selected Topics in Daoist Philosophy
Elective Selected Topics in Chinese Buddhism
Elective Chinese Political Philosophy
Elective Chinese Philosophy of History
Elective Chinese Ethics